Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DriverUp?

DriverUp is a streamlined application portal that improves the automotive financing process for car dealers and buyers by offering simple searching, fast financing terms, and the ability to secure a purchase online. DriverUp is the first platform that enables investors to easily and directly participate in auto lending.

What problem does DriverUp solve?

While other online platforms remove dealers completely, we value their participation and wish to provide the best vehicle price for both the dealer and the buyer. By offering the first financing platform to include accredited investors we improve the auto financing process.

How does DriverUp make money?

We don’t add service fees or additional cost to the list price of any vehicle. Like any other loan service, DriverUp makes money from the financing provided for vehicle loans.

Why should I finance my car through DriverUp?

DriverUp is powered by Sierra Auto Finance, which has 100+ years of collective experience in automotive and consumer finance, loan origination, and specialty lending. By opening our financing process to include accredited investors, as well as traditional auto loan investors, we are able to offer you attractive loan deals on any vehicle type. To learn more about Sierra Auto Finance, click here.

What if DriverUp isn't in my area right now?

DriverUp continues to grow and as we do so, we will continue to add new dealerships and more vehicles to our inventory. If we don’t currently support your area, sign up for our DriverUpdates to submit a form letting us know where you would like us to go next, and you will be notified once we do.

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